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How to order?

Both current and potential customers may place orders with Uniprism Market Research Private Limited by utilising any of our two available communication channels. On the other hand, a business or a client representative making an order on the client's behalf needs official authorization for the planned purchase.

Place order via telephone

To place an order, give our customer service specialist a call at our toll-free number.

Place order via Email

Feel Free and Connect With Us

You can send us an email with your needs and questions at Don't forget to include information in the mail body about the preferred payment method and the billing and delivery address. One of our executives will respond to your email as soon as we receive it.

What do you mean by single user, multi-user, corporate user, and factbook?

A Single user license limits the number of users to one who can access the ordered report.

A multi-user licence allows more than one user; typically, the report is limited to a maximum of five people.

A Corporate user licence holders can share the requested report with the whole audience of their company, which includes other firms in the same group and their subsidiaries.

A Factbook means the complete dataset of the concerned market and it can be accessed by one user.

Is it possible to purchase individual sections of the report? If yes, then what is the procedure?

Yes, it is possible to purchase the report's individual sections. Please get in contact with our sales person to learn the process. They will serve as your guide in this area.

Can I customize the report as per my requirements? If so, then how?

The report's scope is adaptable to your needs and can be tailored to your specifications. The change is permitted up to 10% of the total cost of the report. Please get in contact with our sales person to learn the process. They will serve as your guide in this area.

What type of sources & methodology you use?

We use information from both primary and secondary sources which includes paid databases as well as supply and demand data, Import and export data and primary sources include N number of direct interviews with industry experts. Our sample reports provide a list of all the sources used and the procedures followed in order to collect data and information.

Can I avail data for particular region or geography?

Yes, we offer customised report specific to country or region.

How do you conduct primary research interviews?

We employ methods including phone conversations, video conferences, in-person interviews, and questionnaires with important respondents.

How often the reports are updated?

Depending on demand and interest, research studies or reports are updated once every six months or once a year. To find out the status of a report update, please get in touch with our sales staff.

What if the report I want is not listed in the repository of your reports?

The website does not yet show all of the research that Uniprism Market Research Private Limited has on offer concerning different industry verticals. Kindly provide your specifications to our sales staff.

How can I pay for a report at Uniprism Market Research Private Limited?

We support the following payment options:

Visa Card

Master Card

American Express

Bank Wire Transfer


What is the policy on the payments made?

The study includes a thorough market analysis. Once money has been received, it cannot be refunded due to the fact that we are a data service provider and our data are completely utilised once delivered Nevertheless, We provide 24/7 customer service and post purchase support.


Uniprism Market Research Private Limited is a provider of syndicated market research reports and consulting reports. Uniprism Market Research Private Limited provides 4 license types as below: 

Factbook: $3,599 
Single User: $4,799 
Multi-User: $5,899 
Corporate License: $7,499 

1. Payment                  
We, at Uniprism Market Research Private Limited, kindly ask for your consent to handle payments via third-party gateways or direct bank wire transfer. All third party payments requested by uniprism are processed on behalf of 

2. Warranty 
In accordance with the policy, we don't provide any form of guarantee or warranty for our goods and services. 

3. Refund Policy 
We strictly follow a "No Refund Policy" due to the easily transferable nature of the product, which is information-based and is effectively consumed as soon as it is acquired. Before placing your order, please make sure you have read all of the information available for any market report. 

4. Cancellation Policy 
Due to the fact that the material in our market research reports is proprietary, The order placed with Uniprism Market Research Private Limited cannot be cancelled under any circumstances. 

5. Purchase Order 
Given the consumable and easily transferable nature of the product, after the purchase order has been received, it is not possible to cancel it under any circumstances till the product (report) has been delivered. 

6. Abrogation by Customer                  
Customer shall not terminate the agreement created upon acceptance of this terms and conditions without Uniprism Market Research Private Limited's prior written consent. If Customer shall attempt to terminate without Uniprism Market Research Private Limited's consent or shall otherwise repudiate this agreement, Customer shall be liable to Uniprism Market Research Private Limited for all the Uniprism Market Research Private Limited's costs and other commitments incurred for date of repudiation. However, the Customer may terminate this agreement immediately in case of breach as informed to Uniprism Market Research Private Limited not incurred by Uniprism Market Research Private Limited. 

7. Binding Effect 
This is a binding agreement. By using the Internet site located at (the "Site") or any services provided in connection with the Site (the "Service"), you agree to abide by these Terms of Use, as they may be amended by Uniprism Market Research Private Limited ("Company") from time to time in its sole discretion. Company will post a notice on the Site any time these Terms of Use have been changed or otherwise updated. It is your responsibility to review these Terms of Use periodically, and if at any time you find these Terms of Use unacceptable, you must immediately leave the Site and cease all use of the Service and the Site. By using the service, you confirm that you are at least 18 years old and that you are competent to engage into this agreement under law. 

8. Non-Disclosure Agreement 
Accepting these terms and conditions binds the customer to refrain from disclosing or distributing the acquired product either electronically or physically to any unapproved third party without first obtaining permission from Uniprism Market Research Private Limited. 

9. No License 
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12. Use of Services 
The Services that are issued to the Customer are on the basis that it is for Customer's internal use only, information purpose and benefit, except it required or applicable law or rule or regulation (in which case the Customer shall, inform Uniprism Market Research Private Limited in advance). Not without Uniprism Market Research Private Limited's prior written consent Customer shall compile, or dissemble or referred to or disclose in whole or in part any aspect of the Service. The Customer shall not quote Uniprism Market Research Private Limited's name or reproduce its logo in any form or manner without Uniprism Market Research Private Limited 's prior written consent. Uniprism Market Research Private Limited disclaims all responsibility or liability to any losses, costs, damages, liabilities, expenses incurred by anyone because of use, reproduction, circulation, publication, or use of Services contrary to the provisions of this clause. 

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Uniprism Market Research responds to requests or orders by offering strategic business/market analysis services to a chosen set of clients that are restricted to publications that have important market data. The publication can only be used internally by our clients. By submitting the purchase, our client agrees that no portion of this strategic business/market study service will be released to the public or disclosed to any parties.

The data provided by Uniprism Market Research (UPMR) is subject to fluctuations and is mostly based on interviews, hence no warranty about accuracy is provided. Furthermore, UPMR disclaims any liability for inaccurate information provided by users or manufacturers.

This publication may not be sold, lent, disclosed, or reproduced without Uniprism Market Research's prior written consent.

Without the consent of Uniprism market research, transmission and/or reproduction of this material in any way (including photocopying, mechanical, electronic, recording, or otherwise) is forbidden.

For training and quality assurance purposes, your call (local, international, landline, Skype, or GoToMeeting) may be recorded.



We live in a data-driven society where technocrats are producing, collecting, and analysing massive amounts of data on people, products, or services. This is known as the Information Revolution. We have an hour to integrate key ideas and principles into our already established data management procedures.

As of May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been implemented throughout the European Union to address the major concerns. Data governance, data processing activities, and data compliance (who owns it, uses it, and how it's secured) must all be defined in a world transformed by data. Consequently, all entities that gather, handle, or retain personal information have to implement measures to guarantee adherence to regulations.

The GDPR is a unified collection of regulations that updates the several national data protection laws that are already in place to meet the demands of the digital age. By standardizing data protection rules and practices throughout the EU, the new Regulation seeks to provide people more robust and uniform rights to access and manage their personal data.

Our Commitment to Compliance

High levels of data security, privacy, and openness are important to Uniprism Market Research (we, us, or our). We also manage data in accordance with laws and regulations, such as the GDPR, among others. At Uniprism Market Research, we are committed to our clients' success and recognize the need of taking a consistent and compliant approach to data protection. We have always been committed to protecting the private data that belongs to our users under our authority. Nonetheless, we are aware of our responsibilities to maintain this program's expansion and updates in order to comply with GDPR requirements.

Gearing Up for the GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enforces new regulations on entities operating within the European Union (EU), as well as on businesses providing products and services to EU citizens, as well as on the collection and use of data connected to EU citizens.

When getting ready for GDPR, Uniprism Market Research concentrates on the following areas.

  • To achieve compliance, existing security and business continuity management policies, processes, and controls will be strengthened, along with increased personal privacy rights.
  • In order to assist its clients with GDPR compliance, the company conducts gap and privacy assessments. Non-compliance is subject to severe penalties and obligatory breach notification.
  • Increased obligation for preserving data, implementing compliance policies, and providing a better secure platform for the customers by taking ownership of their data and examining their deployment alternatives.
  • Offering services to assist clients in comprehending and becoming ready for GDPR.
  • Implementing modifications to all of our data contracts to fulfil the GDPR's new standards.
  • In addition to evaluating how long we retain and preserve data; we are working on implementing a specific erasure method to comply with the new Right to Erasure requirement. The business is well aware of the circumstances under which these and other rights of data subjects apply, as well as any exclusions, deadlines for responses, and notification obligations.
  • Educating the workers on the GDPR's expanded individual data rights Important changes, like the removal of fees for answering topic access requests, must be communicated to all employees, including those in sales and security.
  • Strengthening protocols and security controls to protect, encrypt, and preserve data integrity, particularly with relation to cross-border data transfers and third-party disclosures.
  • Renovating consent recording systems to guarantee that we can demonstrate an affirmative opt-in, as well as time and date records, and providing an easy-to-use option for withdrawing consent at any time.

More significantly, consumers must modify their business procedures, data management techniques, and integrations in accordance with compliance, which is a shared duty between the company and its clients. The diligent staff at Uniprism Market Research strives to give its clients the option to choose who within each domain or branch have access to which data. Protection against unauthorized access or use is therefore guaranteed. We guarantee that the data is solely owned by our customers, who also maintain all rights, title, and interest in data saved on the system. In order to fulfil its GDPR requirements regarding the deletion, correction, transfer, access, and objection to processing of personal data, the firm takes the necessary steps to enable its customers to utilize the features built into the service.

Performing a Comprehensive Analysis, Whether It's Technical or Organizational

Regarding the security and privacy of client data, Uniprism Market Research is incredibly perceptive. To safeguard and preserve the privacy of the personal information we process, our organization takes all appropriate safety precautions. We have numerous layers of security protections in place and strong information security policies and processes in place to guard against unauthorized access, modification, disclosure, and destruction of personal data. Employee education, data encryption during storage and transmission, password policies, one-time passwords, two-factor authentication, and other organizational and technical preventive, investigative, and corrective controls are some of these approaches.

Initial Steps on the GDPR Journey

We have established a data privacy team that develops and implements the roadmap for compliance with the new data protection Regulation in order to retain the same level of data security and protection throughout our business. The group is in charge of raising knowledge of the GDPR, assessing our level of excitement for it, finding any weaknesses, and consistently putting new rules, processes, and measures into place.

In addition, we have included a GDPR training course in our yearly and introduction training programs for employees, which are tailored to our primary business operations.

To find out more, you can reach us at